The Best iPhone 5 Screen Protector Sold Online (review)

iphone 5 screen protectorI was recently looking for a new iPhone 5 screen protector since the first one I got from the store when I purchased my phone got ruined.

I visited a few retail stores but when I saw the price tags I was quickly discouraged. I couldn’t find anything below $20 and that was just for one screen protector. I knew Amazon was waiting.

Right then and there, I took out my phone and found the cheapest iPhone screen protector that matched my cell’s model, had the best reviews and was Prime-eligible. There were quite a few choices available (and definitely cheaper than $20!)

My Favorite Screen Protector

I chose the Tech Armor Brand for these reasons:

  • They offer a full line of product, so I was sure they are not a hit-or-miss business
  • Their products have a ton of reviews: the iphone 5 screen protector had more than 230 reviews at the time of purchase which made me quite confident
  • The items were Prime eligible which means I had to pay nada for 2-day delivery
  • I was buying 3 screen protectors for a ridiculous $6.95 (not $20 or $30!) door-delivered!

What was the obvious thing to do?

I purchased them, of course, and they just arrived today, which made me write this post. The application was ridiculously easy and the results just stunning. Zero air bubbles without really trying—I mean it!

Screen Protector Contents

Here’s what came in the package:

  • 3 Screen Protectors
  • Lint-free polishing cloth for the screen
  • Squeegee cart to remove bubbles
  • Installation Instrucitons
  • Thank-you letter

The thank-you letter also contained a link to a video that demonstrated it how to apply the screen protector the proper way, which really helped. You can find the video at the end of the post.

Where To Find

Here’s a list of screen protectors for different mobile devices:

iPhone 5 screen protector
iPhone 4 & 4s screen protector
iPod Touch (5th generation) screen protector
Samsung Galaxy SIII screen protector
Samsung Galaxy Note II screen protector
iPad 3 & 2 screen protector

How to apply video, by Tech Armor:

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