How to aerate your wine without fancy equipment

How to aerate your wine better without special equipment

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I recently became a red wine lover and I went on a quest to find the ultimate way to enjoy wine. I tried a many things, from different grape varieties, to glass sizes and shapes, to aerating the wine before tasting, and I wanted to share with you an unbelievable finding.

Mixing air in the wine brings out its true flavor and smell, so ideally you want to somehow mix enough air with the wine quickly. I read books and searched through blogs until I found this breakthrough post in Tim Ferris’s For Hour Work Week blog. The idea behind his suggestion is that if you pour wine in a food processor and mix it, it should be thoroughly aerated. This could potentially also work with a blender too.

I tried it myself and it worked to a degree that I couldn’t believe my tasting buds! I also shared it with friends who had the same reaction. We compared it to the same wine that wasn’t aerated with this blending technique and everyone could tell the two appart.

Try it yourself and let me know what you think.

Here are the steps to aerating through blending

  1. Get your favorite wine and a wine glass
  2. Measure a glass of wine
  3. Pour it in the food processor
  4. Aerate by mixing
  5. Share with friends and taste the difference!

Just make sure you don’t blend the wine too much or you will end up with a froth of wine bubbles at the top of your wine that you will have to drink through. Not that it matters, but I just thought I’d let you know.

Here’s how I did it myself

How to quickly aerate and hyper-decant your wine with a food processor or blender


  • alexdifeo

    Who came up with this? This is the worst thing to do to a fine wine. Its the sledgehammer approach, it will open the door, but will probably break it while doing so.

    You can over do it easily, and also unless your food processor is brand new, and has no smells from food, or the new plastic smell, you will taint the wine.

    Who wants a bouquet of porcini muschrooms and onions in their left bank Bordeaux? Also if the wine is older, say 20+ years, you can easily get rid of all the fruit by bringing too much air in…

    Stick to the old fashioned way, use a decanter. If the wine is that tight, open it a few hours before drinking (say a young barolo or young cab heavy bordeax).

    • George Banis

      I have to tell you, I tried it and it does wonders. It really makes a difference. As far as the smell, if you throw the food processor in the dish washer it doesn’t smell anything.

      Obviously, this is not for mature wines. But for the everyday $20 wines it’s fantastic.

      I hate to take credit for the idea. The original father of this trick is Tim Ferriss

    • AJ

      i use an immersion blender. for 15-20 seconds. then i let it sit for 3 mins. perfect! ..

  • Unbiased wine

    Aeration is good for the wine!